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Lythos Studios Office

Lythos Studios Office

Lythos Studios was created in 1999 and is a full service advertising agency specializing in marketing tourism, businesses and nonprofits.  Orr current project list includes the museums in Petersburg and A Moment in Time, with Dan Roberts on NPR; Julep's New Southern Cuisine; ADAWebcompliance.net.  We utilize many programs and grants from Virginia Tourism Corporation to bring visitors to Petersburg's shops, museums, and restaurants.  In November 2019, the City of Petersburg realized over $500k in new meals taxes generated from one our marketing endeavors.

Our latest project with A Moment in Time has resulted in obtaining a national client, www.webadacompliance.net, which launched a national campaign on NPR Jan 1, 2022.   


Branding & Identity
Marketing & Campaign Monitoring
Web Design & Development

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”
― Patrick Henry

By the way, Patrick Henry is Clay Hamner’s fourth great-grandfather.

Lythos Studios | Clay Hamner
  • Clay HamnerPresident - Owner

    Clay is the analyst and strategist who leads the creative team in developing successful campaigns. Managing multiple projects from simple ad creation to year long campaigns is a juggling act which requires skill and experience.

Lythos Studios | Karen Beckman
  • Karen BeckmanAccountant

    Karen is the bean counter who keeps track of everything and everybody in the agency. Karen and Clay have worked together for almost 10 years and she hasn’t shut off his access to Quickbooks yet!

Lythos Studios | Darrell Cahoon
  • Darrell CahoonCreative

    Darrell has the rods and cones of a 15 year old according to his eye doctor. With over 25 years of experience and working with Clay, maybe that’s why he’s an expert with color and design.

  • Trevor SandyDesigner

    Trevor was an intern at Lythos Studios during his last semester as a Mass Communications major at VCU. After graduating, he works on various design projects at Lythos Studios.

  • Stephen WiltonMulti-media Developer

    Stephen Wilton produces television spots for Lythos Studios and on occasion helps with odd digital requests when the creative team challenges us technically. He is a master of many talents.

  • Ian LewisCopy Writer

What we really Think!

  • Creative Video is my passion!

    Stephen Wilton
    Multi-media Communications Developer
  • I like crunching on numbers!

    Karen Beckman
  • I love data!

    Clay Hamner
    President, Owner
  • More Star Wars!

    Darrell Cahoon
Lythos Studios - Richmond, Virginia

Since we work on national campaigns, here's a glimpse of what our hometown looks like!