Clay Hamner, is the owner of Lythos Studios which came into existence 16 years ago in December 1999. Lythos Studios was created by a few employees from Graphics-3, which had been a family business that specialized in black and white ad production for advertising agencies from New York to Florida.

Clay Hamner - Founder/Owner Lythos Studios

Clay Hamner - Founder/Owner Lythos Studios

Over the past 16 years, technology changed this business and fortunately, I had a technical background with a major in chemistry from the University of Richmond. I worked for various laboratories from 1983 to 1989 but decided to head back to the family business when the opportunity presented itself.

Being part of the desktop publishing explosion was an amazing time to transition the business from the age of cameras, processors, matchprints and veloxes. Employees were retrained to be desktop publishers, photo retouchers, and scanner operators. The final product was the same; an ad in a newspaper or magazine. How those materials came to be, were light years apart in technology. Prior to Al Gore’s creating the internet, no one even knew what a website was! Delivering ad materials with a modem was out of this world.

Business was changing quickly. The need to stay on top of technology required more adaptation, more competition with younger companies and younger talent. I decided to branch out on my own with some similar capabilities for consistency but with a focus on creating branding strategies using new technologies like SEO and SEM; employing products like Google Adwords and Google Analytics. After all, it doesn’t do a bit of good to create a campaign if you can’t measure its success.

That’s what has led Lythos Studios to become what it is today.   The advertising industry is evolving on a daily basis. There isn’t a morning that, I go to work and don’t learn and I don’t think it will ever stop; at least I hope it doesn’t!

My continuing education includes serving with these entities:

Trustee at St. John’s Church Foundation since 2006
Board member of Parson’s Cause Foundation since 2014
Board member of Citizen’s Advisory Council for Interpreting and Furnishing the Executive Mansion of Virginia since 1998

Past board memberships include:

Trustee at Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation
Board member of the Descendants Branch of the PHMF

And in case you hadn’t figured out, I’m the fourth great-grandson of Patrick Henry, the first elected Governor of Virginia.

Source: Laurance and Dorothea Hamner
Location: Richmond, Virginia