January 8, 2016

How to discover the information you need to be effective with any project.


photo credit freeimages.com

There are four aspects of approaching any new client or project.  Discover, create, implement and measure.  This blog's topic is discover.

Whenever an agency, no matter how large or small, encounters a new client or even a client with a new project, due diligence has to be performed successfully.  There are varying numbers of details that have to be uncovered to provide the best possible solution to the objective.  For example:  new client meeting for a specific task of creating a print ad.

Questions to ask about this single print ad:

  • What is the past inventory of print ads?
  • Who is the competition and what have they done in the same publication(s)?
  • What is the goal of the ad, other than to increase sales?
  • Does it have a specific purpose such as driving web traffic to a specific landing page on your website?
  • Are there clear goals of the campaign(s)?
  • Are those goals measurable?

Creating, implementing and measuring the campaign will be discussed in three separate future blogs.  Stay in touch to learn more.  If you're going to be on the client side of an advertising agency, prepare your own list of objectives to save time and money and to ensure you have a positive experience with your new part of the team; your agency.

Enjoy this Wiki article about the art of Discovery:


This procedure works in nearly all aspects of life but is especially useful in the advertising world.  Most business owners like to see and hear their own advertisements, but that's not useful data.  Knowing who your target audience is key to any ads success.  Where does that audience find information is paramount to a successful marketing campaign.