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Measuring Results

Lythos Studios launched a statewide branding campaign for SyCom Technologies, one of the largest private IT Systems Integrators in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The markets targeted were Richmond, Roanoke and Norfolk.  The Google Analytics graph below shows the immediate impact of the campaign when it was launched February 15, 2016.  Web traffic increased by a factor of five.

The success of this campaign combines a mixture of successful plans.  The creative, which was produced by Yogg, was purposeful, impactful and visually pleasing.  The media buy was strategically placed to have the highest impact and combined various media including radio, print and predominantly digital.  Almost 80% of the media placement was made in digital environments around the state.

Measuring Results

Google Analytics Graph

Data Validation

Around March 1, 2016, the data was analyzed.  The mobile component of this campaign far out performed the display banner ads; thus the campaign was re-focused entirely on mobile banner ads.  Measuring results of this campaign proved fruitful.  Within the next seven days, the campaign doubled its click through rate (CTR).

In late February, 2016, Clay Hamner of Lythos Studios attended a seminar offered by the Richmond Times Dispatch, a Berkshire Hathaway Company.    One of the speakers was Nhat Pham, a member of the National Speaker Association.  Pham discussed systems Lythos Studios uses and has validated with the data gathered for SyCom Technologies.  Lythos Studios continues to use state of the art technologies and services that invest in the success of its clients.


According to Nhat PHam of Nhatpham.com, digital media placement in 2016 is going to reach a 35% level of all marketing budgets.

More about Nhat Pham, who presented a seminar at the Richmond Times Dispatch March 2:

Nhat Pham is a New Media Marketing Strategist and Referral Authority who simplifies social networking in a clear & entertaining way. Nhat is the co-author of Social Networking Best Practices Series of Business: Facebook, Twitter & YouTube Editions.

Nhat is a regular speaker on the topic of New Media, Social Networking, & Relationship Marketing. He helps Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals & Business People grow & develop business using Social Networking & Online tools through Workshops, Webinars, & private coaching.

Nhat delivers keynote presentations to organizations & trains sales people, executives, entrepreneurs, and speakers how to leverage the power of technology and Social Media. Pham has given individual coaching, provided training & delivered presentations to professionals from start-up organizations to large companies such as BB&T, T-Mobile & AT&T.