September 20, 2016

Why ask why?

The first question I ask a new client (and sometimes existing ones) is why he or she is in business.  The answers vary of course, but ultimately each of us is in business, because we are passionate about what we do.  The question doesn't apply to just businesses; it applies to foundations, non profits, government agencies and even to volunteers at any organization.  I found this Ted Talk to be fascinating and if you have the time, there are longer versions available for viewing on youtube.

I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I have.



Simon Sinek talks about Why during this segment of Ted Talk

This is part of the discovery process Lythos Studios employs for every project.  Our process includes Discover, Create, Implement and Measure.  The discover phase asks the questions why, what, and how.  The create phase uses the information gathered during the discover phase and determines how a project is implemented.