Success Story

Great creative coupled with technical savvy has proven to be a great success story.  Results of the Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC) campaign for the Petersburg Preservation Task Force (PPTF) are as follows with the comparison of 2017 vs 2018.  This campaign has reached hundreds of thousands of viewers via television, radio, print and digital means.

Visitation percentage increase month/month and year to year:

Month         2017 vs 2018

April          -12%    (Campaign start dates covered the entire month of April)

May          +27%

June         +24%

July          +94%

August     +164%

September  +208%

Although the bulk of the grant monies was spent between April and June, the campaign was extended through the end of the year with maintaining radio and digital presence.  Focusing the marketing efforts on the Tiffany windows at Blandford Church and a target audience that would find the Tiffany collection fascinating proved to be a success story.    The campaign details can be viewed on the PPTF Facebook page at

or visit the PPTF website at


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Tiffany Window

St. John Tiffany Window

Tiffany Window

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