How we work

How we Work

Meet with Lythos Studios for a one-hour complimentary evaluation to discuss the specific marketing needs of your business. Afterwards, we meet again to provide you with a comprehensive assessment, and go over budget and strategy. Depending on the unique needs of your business, including budget and activities, we then plan out your campaign in three phases.


After the initial discovery phase, we interview key personnel who have input in your organization’s creative process, which can be done either in person or over the phone. For example, when launching a new brand we discover who your target audience is and what they want from your creative team, formulate an appropriate budget and strategy, and then we come up with the big idea, with all materials and assets flowing from there.

Depending on your unique needs, a campaign may include, but is not limited to, the following assets: television commercials, radio spots, banner ads for digital mediums, and printed materials. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for an underperforming website is sometimes all that is required to refresh a stale marketing plan. It is all about the individual needs of your business.


Once the creative messaging has been determined and the budget set, a strategy is finalized to set this plan in motion.

Assets prepared during the creative process are placed in the media determined to be the most effective, and where they can be accurately measured for optimal results. For instance, a Google Adwords campaign with one message and two similar designs will be tested to see which message achieves the greater number of click throughs to a designated target. This determines the effectiveness of the messaging, and the less effective message may be removed from future campaigns.


Once your plan is implemented, we measure the results. For online media campaigns using e-blasts, Facebook Ads, or Google Adwords, we employ Google Analytics to accurately track who responded to your message, where they are located, when they did so, how many clicked through to your website, and how long they remained engaged.

This data allows us to fine tune your message for optimum results. This can include brand awareness, or even the sales of specific products. This information tells us which pages of your site are utilized, how long they stayed on the page, and if or when their attention was lost. A prime example would be a retail client who discovered that customers left the shipping page of their site in great numbers. We recommended that they include the cost of shipping in the price of the product. After implementing our suggested changes they saw a huge increase in sales.

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Staying Ahead

Using state of the art strategies, we analyze data and create strategies for optimal impact. These can include Google Analytics, Adwords, Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey, Constant Contact, and more.

Constant training and learning new techniques keeps us at the top of our game. We stay engaged through seminars, webinars, and through continual education. Staying ahead is easy when you love what you do.

What our Clients say

  • video featuring Clay and two Lythos Studios clients, Foster Billingsley the Executive Director of the Virginia Commission for the Arts and Sarah Whiting, the Executive Director of St. John's Church Foundation. Lythos Studios completed a branding and web development campaign for VCA and won a national design award for the brand development.

    Watch the Video

    WTVR Video
  • The Commission is extremely excited and proud of its new logo. The logo is a unique piece of artwork which lythos Studios won an American Design award. Virginia is the only State arts agency in the United States that has a logo that is a piece of art. The Commission decided to make its new logo a registered trademark due to is uniqueness. Our web traffic has more than tripled since the website was launched and more people are spending time on the site.

    Foster Billingsley
    Former Executive Director - Virginia Commission for the Arts

    Virginia Commission for the Arts
  • For the better part of a decade, it has been my pleasure to work alongside Clay Hamner and his colleagues at Lythos Studios. They have demonstrated their ability to take my public history ideas and my personal creative impulses and given them life in both public and commercial application. In addition to their development of programming and securing underwriters for the NPR program, A Moment In Time, and advertisers for sibling programs, This Moment in Time and A Sports Moment in Time.

    Dr. Dan Roberts
    Professor of History - University of Richmond

    A Moment in Time
  • Clay and the team at Lythos were a delight to work with through this process. Their professionalism was exceptional, with timely communication and exciting results. Clay worked seamlessly with our stakeholders and had fun working with them. The focus groups were lively and allowed all participants to relax and offer honest and open feedback for brand development

    Dr. David Gaston
    Superintendent - Charles City Public Schools

    Charles City Public Schools

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Lythos Team in their own words

  • Creative Video is my passion!

    Stephen Wilton
    Multi-media Communications Developer
  • I like crunching on numbers!

    Karen Beckman
  • Big Foot does exist!

    Trevor Sandy
  • I love data!

    Clay Hamner
    President, Owner
  • More Star Wars!

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