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Economic Development

In July 2020, the Petersburg City Manager and Mayor of Petersburg retain Clay Hamner to report positive activity happening in the city with regard to fund balances and new economic development activity.

The city of Petersburg has appeared in numerous national publications and blogs communicating both the increase in economic development and the creation of three new bioscience businesses that have relocated and/or building new facilities within the city limits.  The economic impact will result in hundreds of new high paying jobs.  For example, in the spring of 2020, the Federal Government awarded Phlow, Inc. a $384 million grant to develop medicines to battle diseases such as Covid-19.  The details are within the following articles in this post.

economic development

photo provided by Daniel Jones Photography

The following links describe the activity and the projects that were written or recorded to communicate the financial successes of city of Petersburg:

ICMA Magazine


National League of Cities


American City and County

How Petersburg is raising its standard of living

Richmond Family Magazine


VML Town and City 2020 and 2021

Vol. 56 No. 4 – May 2021

VML Podcast


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Case Studies

success story

Tourism Grants

Tourism grants aren't easy to come by.  However, Lythos Studios has successfully written another Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC) marketing leverage grant for the Petersburg Preservation Task Force (PPTF) for 2019.

tourism grantsResults for marketing campaigns can be measured in many ways; through Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Instagram Followers, etc.  Ultimately though, sales or attendance if you're a tourist destination judges the strength of the messaging.

The PPTF realized a 76% increase in attendance at its three museums in 2018 vs 2017.  The driver of the increase was the creative messaging.  Across the United States, attendance at civil war museums and parks has decreased over the past years.  Blandford Church has 15 Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass windows each representing a different state in the Confederacy.   The marketing campaign directed attention away from civil war history and focused on the art of the stained glass windows.  Blandford Church can not hide from its history, nor should it.  However, Tiffany is known around the world for his stained glass windows in churches in many cities and states.

Lythos Studios uses the methodology of discover, create, implement and measure.  Over the past two years, this methodology has proven to be effective and has resulted in the second of the tourism grants awarded by VTC.

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For more detail about this project and tourism grants, click on the following link:

Case Studies

success story
Success Story

Great creative coupled with technical savvy has proven to be a great success story.  Results of the Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC) campaign for the Petersburg Preservation Task Force (PPTF) are as follows with the comparison of 2017 vs 2018.  This campaign has reached hundreds of thousands of viewers via television, radio, print and digital means.

Visitation percentage increase month/month and year to year:

Month         2017 vs 2018

April          -12%    (Campaign start dates covered the entire month of April)

May          +27%

June         +24%

July          +94%

August     +164%

September  +208%

Although the bulk of the grant monies was spent between April and June, the campaign was extended through the end of the year with maintaining radio and digital presence.  Focusing the marketing efforts on the Tiffany windows at Blandford Church and a target audience that would find the Tiffany collection fascinating proved to be a success story.    The campaign details can be viewed on the PPTF Facebook page at


or visit the PPTF website at https://petersburgpreservationtaskforce.com


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Tiffany Window

St. John Tiffany Window

Tiffany Window

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